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June memories

As i can recall, june usually reminds me of class openings-so excited for new school supplies, new classmate (or same old fellas), lookng for new faces or crushes as well. Twas a nostalgic feeling. Every june my newsfeed would be bombarded with wedding photos too-here and there. It makes me daydream of how my future weddng would look like. Sigh***…. When would that be possible? Crossfingr. Well, june birthdays? Well how can i forget-gemma,arkin and bestfrnd lorie. The pizza, pasta,fruit salad,roasted chicken and the all time vodka (o0opps! I dont drink such and never would try). This Friendshp bonded with karaoke too. Haizztt good-old-time memories with the month of june.

Urrrgghh!! Today,my friends just tagged me in a post saying “happy 2 years anniversary to us”..this was supposedly 2 days ago. while i was browsing the old photos. It reminds me on my first arrival in this humid place, new faces and new friends..and the stairs going up. Oh stop it swt! Enough enough enough! See..even my browser/tumblr just freeze or hang up after u think about it. It only proves that its not worth remembering. But i did!? No im nt,i was just tagged in those photos.

But wait,its not yet over.. June, june, june… Hmmm..this is the most exciting event happened in june. **Giggle** June 2008, It was wednesday night and there i was, sitting in one of the pew in CCSDAC. I first lay my eyes on one of Gods wonderful creature. It was love at first sight or-technically like at first glance..maybe. But the feeling was different-i know its love. it was strong,rushing like a wave and viola! I love him in an instant.

How could u say u love someone when you dont even know him or just seen him for the first time??? Hmmm, thoughts to ponder. Its possible right? I think it happens at times.maybe in the movie??? Oh Yes it real life!!. Just like a mothers love to her baby and Gods love to us. Though this kind of love were incomparable. Nevertheless, i know there was love..if someone got to argue me..Okey, il settle for attraction but that day would not be forgotten. It was like, God let me had a glimpse of my future.

Oh..i really melted in his smile and every time our eyes met.( yes, we had those eye-to-eye moment. I admit, i never stop staring at him.haha) .now im lost in my own story.hehe. (this is not a fairytale okey). That time, he was just there-until there in my dreams. It was like we are of different world. Anyway, only aftr 5 years..our path crossed again. And by this time, i wont let him go. God just brought him back for me..i know for sure by this time its true love. I hope not just a once upon a time but a happily ever after story. Not just a moment of june, but for a lifetime.

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